Welcome to Holistic Health by Holly!

I’m Holly, a 30 year old, wife & new mom, and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I’ve always had a love for cooking, health, fitness and following a holistic lifestyle and I’ve decided to take my passion to the next level by sharing it all here with you! I’m looking forward to putting my passion to use by helping those who are looking to refresh their approach to healthy living.

You might be wondering what holistic lifestyle means… holistic health comes from the word whole, meaning complete. To me that means understanding the mind, body & spiritual connection and the importance of balancing all aspects of one’s life.

Today there are numerous factors that affect our health. Such factors range from, stress to toxic chemicals in products, both in the air and genetically modified (GMO) and processed foods. When I first started to pay close attention to exactly what I was putting in and on my body I found it frustrating. I was angry that I was duped by fad diets and clever packaging and had wasted money on expensive beauty products. Over time I learned that it all goes back to real whole food ingredients and there are so many healthy options out there, they’re just not advertised by a celebrity or on TV. Here I do all the work for you! I’ll show you how to easily navigate the toxic roadblocks we face using healthier recipes, upgrading your pantry staples and switching to safer skin care & beauty products.

In addition to sharing how I live a holistic life I’ll be sharing what I learned throughout my pregnancy. We’re so excited to be new parents to a little boy named Luke. I’ll share how I increased my fertility by preparing my body for pregnancy, managed to completely avoid that dreaded morning sickness, how to nourish your body and baby, as well as navigating the questions that ultimately come up at each doctors appointment (trust me, there are a lot!). I’ve already discovered so much that I can’t wait to share here with you!

I hope you enjoy what I have to share and find something useful to take away. Just remember that living a holistic life is all about balance.